Massages/Spa Treatments


Swedish Massage
(50 minutes, $95; 80 minutes, $115)
Let our massage therapists treat your mind, body, and soul to a truly
pampering massage.  Melt away stress, improve circulation and ease
muscular tension.

Deep Tissue Massage
(50 minutes, $105; 80 minutes, $135)
This massage is the best way to release chronic tension through slow
strokes and deep pressure applied to the muscles.  Relieves soreness
and tension.

Pre-Natal Massage
(50 minutes, $95)
A relaxing and tension relieving experience for mothers-to-be, using
Swedish techniques and specific body positioning for ultimate comfort.

Couple’s Massage
(*50 minutes, *$190)
What’s better than having a massage?
Having one with someone special to you in the same room!
*Price is based on length and type of massage per peron

Hot Stone Massage
(50 minutes, $110; 80 minutes, $140)
A full body massage using warmed oils and heated stones.  Designed to balance chakras, remove negative energy, and relax all muscles.

Tandem Massage
(50 minutes, $190; 80 minutes, $230)
Four hands just for you!
Indulge in a 50 minute or 80 minute Swedish
massage with two therapists at once!

Body Treatments +tax

Salt Glow
(50 minutes, $90)
Experience a manicure like no  Our luxurious blend of aromatic oils and Dead Sea salts will invigorate your senses and leave your skin looking dew-kissed and fresh. (with bronzing add $10, and 20 minutes). 

Thermal Mud Wrap
(50 minutes, $95)
Treat your feet to a soothing Each area is first exfoliated with a dry brush. Your therapist will customize your marine clay enriched with Kawa Kawa to suit and apply with a brush. You will be wrapped in a cocoon of warmth while receiving a luxurious scalp massage. Once unwrapped, you’ll shower off, return to the treatment room, and a hydrating milk will be applied to the skin. Great for sore muscles and cellulite reduction.  

Hand and Foot Care +tax

Please Note : For manicures and pedicures : We do not apply gel nails or remove gel nails. Please have it removed prior to your appointment. 

Spa Manicure
(40 minutes, $50)
Experience a manicure like no other.  Your hands will be moisturized
with a hydrating cream, and sealed with paraffin, including filing,
shaping, cuticle erasing, buffing, and polishing of natural nails.  
Instantly improves elasticity and softness.

Spa Pedicure
(50 minutes, $65)
Treat your feet to a soothing and relaxing spa pedicure in our
pipe-less jet technology whirlpool tubs, which means they are 100%
sanitizable! In addition to nail filing, nail shaping, cuticle erasing,
buffing, sole filing, and polishing nails, you’ll enjoy an invigorating salt
exfoliation, foot and lower leg massage, hot towel lower leg wrap, and
a warm paraffin heel wrap.

Petite Pedicure
(30 minutes, $50)
For those in a hurry, we offer an express pedicure which includes
filing, shaping, buffing, cuticle erasing, and polish.